Implementation process

The implementation of Clerba usually takes place in three phases:

  • Training of administrators and key users.
  • Content preparation, integration, customization, and system installation.
  • Launch and the first employee onboarding.

Training of administrators and key users

The first step is to train people in your company who will work with the system. In particular, we focus on:

  • What is Clerbo, and how to get oriented?
  • How to create a new user.
  • How to create the first onboarding.
  • How to upload and edit the content in your onboarding.
  • What to observe once the system is launched.
  • How to solve typical situations (issue reporting, sharing ideas, etc.)

Onsite training usually takes only a few hours and consists of practical demonstrations.

Content preparation, integration, customization, and system installation

For the system to work properly, you need to think about the following areas before the launch. The system contains defaults, but they can be changed:

  • System language – select the language the system should use. Currently available languages are English, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungarian.
  • Co-branding – the system can use your logo and brand colors so new hires can feel that it is your system. This is important for building employer brand awareness. The design of your co-branding will be prepared in advance and implemented before the launch.
Example of co-branded system.
  • User import – if you want to automatically add users to Clerbo (i.e. from your ATS system), we can teach you how to do it.
  • Content – the crucial part for the success of your onboarding is the content you share with newbies and form you use. Content creation can be time-consuming, and we are ready to help you.
  • Feedback collection – Clerbo supports automatic feedback collection (after completion of each milestone), or manual. Use questionnaires to get answers on any question you want. The question for the automatic feedback collection needs to be configured.
  • Other customizations – Clerbo supports various customizations. Do you have any special needs? Let us know.

Launch and the first employee onboarding

Once the system is customized, and the content is on the place, it’s time to create the first onboarding course. We recommend starting with a small group of newbies or employees to test the solution and collect feedback for initial content improvements. Because the launching of the system is a critical phase of the implementation process, we will be available for you. Expect proactive support and expect questions from us about how things are going and how we can help.

Do you have any questions? Contact us