How to gather user feedback

The YSoft Clerbo system enables you to collect feedback from participants in preboarding and onboarding, from both newcomers as well as employees who come into contact with a newcomer. Its evaluation serves primarily to map out their experience with the onboarding process and to continuously improve it.

Gathering feedback is done using one (automatic collection) or more questions (questionnaire) with an evaluation scale, where the respondent can indicate a positive or negative emotion and then add their comments.

Automatic feedback collection following the completion of a given stage

In order that the feedback collection be continuous and that the company acquire an overview of the feelings and experience of a newcomer over the entire course of their onboarding process, the system automatically asks questions following the completion of given time stages. In order to avoid, in some cases, the system asking questions too often, it is possible to turn off feedback collection for individual stages. At the same time, the system questions the user just once during the course of a visit, even though they may complete assignments from more than one stage. This form of collection is suitable, should you wish to map the responses to one question over the course of time (e.g. How do you currently feel at our company?).

To set up automatic feedback collection, continue to the page All courses > Settings. A user with Content administrator or System administrator rights has access to general course settings.

The Administer course stage section contains a list of all stages and summarizes the settings.

We do not currently allow the question for automatic feedback collection to be changed in the user interface. If you wish to change the preset question, do not hesitate to contact us.

After clicking on the pen icon on the right hand side of the given row, the following dialog window appears, where it is possible to turn on/turn off feedback collection.

When turning on feedback collection, a dialog window automatically appears to the newcomer on the completion of mandatory assignments in the given stage.

A dialog used for gathering feedback

Feedback gathered in this way is displayed to the administrators on the All courses > Statistics page.


Another way to gather structured feedback is via questionnaires, where it is possible to set the questions according to your own needs. We recommend taking advantage of questionnaires, should there be a need to collect feedback on various topics in a certain period of the onboarding process. More on setting up questionnaires can be found in the following guide.