Product News

Here, you can find out what’s new in our latest release. Enjoy!

6/21/2020 (v.1.2.12)

More opportunities to collect information and feedback

We added new types of questions (fields) that allows you to collect information and feedback using the questionnaires. A new hire can enter select options from a checklist, dropdown, or answer open questions.

Additionally, you can set up for each question whether the answer is required or define a placeholder.

Bulk actions with courses

The new version allows administrators to complete or delete multiple courses at once from the All courses page. Once you select a course using the checkboxes are contextual actions displayed above the list. We warn you that deleted courses can’t be restored. Use this function when you need to remove testing courses or when they distort statistics.

Improved list of assignments

1. To provide a better overview of people involved in the onboarding, we added information about who should they talk to about certain assignments. If the assignee views his courses, the column shows people who can help him with the assignment.

2. Assignments are ordered chronologically and overdue assignments are highlighted by red color.

3. To help users keep the focus on what needs to be done, we added a new filter that displays by default assignments with a deadline in the next 14 days. If users need, it can be activated.

A new way to show attachments

If you added a new attachment to the content, it displays as a widget displayed in the figure below.

This version added also a few small improvements to the user imports.