My list of assignments

This page displays a list of all assignments from active courses which concern the user. The list does not differentiate whether they are assignments which the user should treat as a “trainee” (assignments from their own courses) or as an individual responsible for a specific task in someone else’s course (e.g. a manager – preparing a list of study materials for a trainee, HR – checking whether a newcomer has supplied the required documents…)

It is possible to display the detail of a specific assignment from the assignment list, or to display the detail of one’s own course.

Assignments are displayed in the list with the following information:

  • Status – information on whether the assignment has been fulfilled or not.
  • Assignment – name of the assignment, which is also a link to display the assignment detail.
  • Course – name of the course, of which a part is the assignment, which is also a link to display an overview of the entire course.
  • Whom can I help? – information on whether the subject is my own assignment (I am a trainee) or an assignment which I am to complete within the framework of someone else’s training. The name of the relevant user is displayed.
  • Completion date – This shows the date by which the assignment should be completed.

Operation en masse

It is possible to mark one or more assignments and process them en masse:

  • Complete – Highlighted assignments will be marked en masse with the status of “completed”.
  • Delegate – If you are a manager, you can change the person who is supposed to complete a highlighted assignment (they see the assignment on the list of their assignments).

Displaying assignment details

After clicking on the name of an assignment, a window pops up, showing the assignment detail: What is the subject of the assignment; who can help with the assignment and then the Complete button / Read or reopen the assignment.

If it is an assignment that I am working on “for someone else” I have, at my disposal, the option to delegate the assignment.

Filtering the assignment list

The filter serves to limit the number of list items displayed, according to given criteria. Within the assignment list, it is possible to filter according to:

  • trainee, to display all the assignments of a particular user
  • status, to display assignment status (Completed / Active / In review / Planned)