Course Templates

Templates are accessible only to managers and users with “Course administrator” rights and above.

Templates are used to facilitate the creation of courses by employees. Each template is defined by a set of assignments, which make up the prearranged course content, and can be aimed at a specific user role or team.

Templates list

The page All courses > Templates shows the list of all existing course templates in the system and offers the possibility of creating a new template or updating an existing one.

The list contains the following information:

  • Template – the name of the template with a link to show details and for eventual editing.
  • Assignments – the number of assignments in the template.
  • Valid for – the team or role, for which the template has been primarily intended (if more items are selected – a link is displayed with the number of teams or roles allocated).
  • Course type – the name of the course type to which the template has been allocated.

The course template list can be filtered according to:

  • team, for which the template is intended
  • role, for which the template is intended

Creating a new template

For the description on how to create a template, continue to the following guide.

Working with existing templates

In the list with each template there is a button on the right hand side to display a list of available actions:

  • Show detail – Shows template detail (same as the previous step).
  • Amend – Shows the template in edit mode.
  • Delete – Deletes the template.

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